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Writer, Speaker,
Coach, Consultant

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projects. services.

I stay busy in service of neighbors, country and the world. This includes writing novels, speaking, advocacy and coaching clients to find freedom and power by knowing, healing and aligning with themselves.

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about scott.

Scott grew up an Evangelical in rural East Texas, but later staffed both of Obama’s presidential campaigns and spent six years based in DC working in foreign policy. Three of these years were spent starting and then running an Afghan advocacy organization that worked with both right and left wing policy figures. Burned out by the reality of systemic politics, he next spent six years running sales for VC backed green-tech startups. And then…Well, then he finally accepted that not only were the systems of the world he had placed his trust in broken, but he needed help too.

Scott got into therapy, learnd and learned how to reprogram himself by healing his past. He picked at the wounds of his fundamentalist evangelical upbringing, rediscovering God and Love with the help of plant medicine and teachers that reminded him daily practice was the path to knowing the “silent voice within.”

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