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Speaking Engagements.

The stories we accept encapsulate the expectations, values and beliefs that shape our individual and collective existence. I inspire audiences to examine the stories we tell ourselves, and to consider new stories that will transform how we experience life. 

Corporate and Political Audiences: The stories we choose to believe about our nation, and about ourselves, determine who we are and what we’re capable of achieving. At a time when political, mental health, environmental and social crisis dominate the headlines, new stories that help us better understand what it means to live in relationship with ourself, our neighbors, and the environment are desperately needed. I will tell your audience an inspiring new story that is specific to their careers, and will encourage them to examine how they show up for their colleagues, their community and themselves.

Religious and Spiritual Audiences: Humanities access to God's universal love; a felt sense of "oneness" with source and with each other; and our connection to "Earth Mother" are core components of what it means to live connected to spirit. Whatever name one wishes to call the creative force that sits at the center of all life, access to and connection with a higher power should be the single thing that can unite all people. Obviously, the last several thousand years of human experience don't tell this story...but what if there were a new story to be told? 

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flowing river, mountain, sunset, psychedelic energy.jpg


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