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Trees From Above
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ReCODE Yourself

Hi! My name is Scott and I'm here to help you create the confident, impactful, joyful, aligned life every single one of us deserves. What am I talking about? I'm talking about total life transformation. How? By ReCoding your emotional operating system to be perfectly aligned with your purpose, goals and desires. In the process we will heal trauma, replace limiting beliefs, and give you the tools to choose how you create and experience life. I can't do this for you or to you, but if you're ready for change, I'm ready to be your partner in the process. If video is your speed, watch my introductory video here, otherwise:

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Thoughts on the Process

When you feel bad – when you feel anxious, depressed, underachieving or trapped – you’re feeling this way because you are living or acting out of alignment with your specific life purpose and/or your deepest personal truths. 


Yes, life alignment is a process of helping you overcome pain, fear or anxiety, but short term solutions aren’t why I’m here. I’m here to help you completely change your life by diving DEEP into yourself.


I’m here to help you leverage the strength and courage that is already coursing through your veins so you can identify your deepest desires, take responsibility for your life's outcomes and resolve the often painful and always frustrating obstacles standing in your way. 

Once life alignment is achieved magic happens. You start to see the world with clarity. Anxiety fades as you learn to accept, understand and listen to your emotions. You heal sticky or painful parts of your past. You live into the full power and strength of the healthy masculine and feminine within you.


In short, you learn to experience and create life on your own terms, showing up to your colleagues, family and friends as a man who is centered, confident, secure AND compassionate, empathetic, and emotionally available.


Ready to learn more? Book a consultation and we can explore if we're a good fit to work together. 

Why We Might Work Together

Your relationship is on the rocks, you are unable to emotionally support your partner in the manner she desires or you are stuck in unfulfilling relationship patterns.

You are aware of painful, traumatic, triggering past life experiences that you don't know how to heal.

You routinely find yourself responding "irrationally" to life events, and don't know how to stop. 

You don't feel at home in your body, comfortable with your feelings, or in charge of how you experience life.

Fear, Anxiety or Depression seem to be on loop in your life, and talk-therapy isn't or hasn't been helping. 

You're seeking spiritual direction, or you walked away from the Christian God and don't know how to reclaim connection to source-energy on your own terms.

How We'll Work Together

The work, and the play, of ReCoding Yourself:

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Love, Worthiness, Strength

I will see you and hold you in the grounded power of your highest, most unconditional-loving self. Every session will be a lesson in what its like to feel limitless.

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Embodying Your Purpose

I help you get a crystal clear understanding of who you are using Dharmic principles. We’ll work together to align your actions, beliefs and feelings with your purpose.

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Heal Your Past

I deploy trauma-informed methodologies focused on meeting your inner-child; healing and inte-grating past painful experiences; and learning to accept and communicate with all your feelings. Teachers have included Mindlight and mentors who introduced me to the deepest recesses of myself.

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Plant Medicine Principles

My work with clients is done sober, but the core of my approach is to help my clients function in their un and subconscious states in a similar manner to how psilocybin, ayahuasca and other plant medicines work in your system. By bypassing the default mode network, you will learn to work with your feelings, emotions and core beliefs.

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Create Your Future

I help you learn how to harness your energetic vibrations – ie, your feelings, beliefs, thoughts, values, priorities – towards fulfilling your desires and and creating the exact life you were put on this earth to live. My practices and frameworks are gleaned from Abraham Hicks, Psycho-Cybernetics, Mindlight and personal practice.

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The Four Paths to One

My purpose and life’s work is committed to the Four Paths. I bring these spiritual teachings and this knowledge base to all my work, infusing everything I do with a holistic commitment to service, selflessness, compassion and every person’s connection with ALL.

My Journey Affects How We'll Work Together

I grew up an Evangelical Kid in a missionary family. I was miserable. Self harming. In therapy by my 8th birthday. In this sense I was steeped in pain, raised to survive my internal darkness by coping any way I could. 

As an adult, I've worked for presidents and with senior foreign policy officials. I've closed multi-million dollar deals for green-tech startups. And I walked away from all this because I was again miserable, successful on paper but unable to maintain a romantic relationship and motivated by fear-of-failure more than any positive vision or emotion. 

I walked away from the Christian God by college, spending a decade eagerly drinking, partying and philandering to distract from the pain of my seperation from self, love and compassion. But I later rediscovered the EVERYTHING-THAT-IS-ALL. Source. God. The force of unconditional love that sits at the center of all life and cannot be constrained by religion or doctrine or humans' limiting beliefs.

In time, I found teachers and mentors that helped take control of my life. I learned how to re-code myself, how to turn pain and anxiety into strength, clarity and freedom. I spent years studying purpose -- getting clear on who I am and why I'm on this earth -- and then working relentlessly to align everythign in me with the fullness of myself and my purpose.

The result? Me!


A deeply imperfect man committed to serving my neighbors, my country, this world and God by helping people like you ReCode Yourself. 

Ready to start the journey?

How To Work with Me
Booking and Prices

Free 30 Min Consultation

Book a free 30 min consultation to explore the possibility of working together. Click here to book. 

A Single Session - $325

A single session focused on the challenge of your choice. For some this one-hit session is to heal or replace old emotional coding. For others this is triage to deal with an especially hard or painful moment in life or work. 

One Month of Sessions - $1,000

Four hour long sessions plus an optional weekly 15 minute check-in. Are you ready to commit to the deep work of re-coding your emotional operating system. If yes, this is for you. 

Three months of Sessions - $2,400

Twelve total sessions plus optional weekly 15 minute check-ins. We will work together to craft a custom-plan that will take you into the depths of self, facilitating your growth, your clarity and your ability to create life on your terms. In the process you will heal trauma, delete limiting beliefs and learn how to create the future you desire.

Book a free 30 min consultation or send me an email to start the conversation.

*I always leave space for at least three pro-bono or discounted clients. If you desire to work with me but finances are an obstacle, please drop me a line and we can work to find an arrangement that works for us both. 

Trees From Above

Jonathan from San Diego

"Working with Scott has, in every way, changed and enriched my life. Words aren't sufficient to describe what he means to me or explain the many ways he has helped improve my marriage, my professional life and my day-to-day life experience. I never knew what it meant to be "on the path," but now I can't imagine being anywhere else. 

Alexander from Austin

"I don't know how to phrase it except to say Scott is medicine. How he works, how he helped me identify my life purpose and how he holds me accountable to a best version of myself has unlocked levels of joy and accomplishment I didn't think were possible."

Chris from Austin

“The way scott teaches and encourages me to work with my thoughts and emotions gives the impression of having a powerful psychedelic experience even though all we're doing is breathing and feeling together. The best part is that as I work with Scott, I'm learning how to do all the work myself.”
Trees From Above


I'm always looking for new ways to work, to serve, and to create. Get in touch!

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