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This Book was Written for You

My name is Scott Mackey and I wrote this book for you.

It is designed for those who feel they’re forever at the influence of and subject to political and economic systems that ignore their needs.

It is for the reader trying their best to understand what is really happening in Washington D.C., or who are wondering how to experience Divine Love in a world where it seems “love” has been monopolized by division-preaching religious leaders and content-peddling agents of shallow digital distractions.


It is for the reader that is ready to stop being against “them,” but doesn’t yet know what to be for.

It is for those of us who want to make a difference. Those that sense people in our society are seperated, lonely and acting from pain; and understand the solution is connection to ourselves, each other, and the earth.

It is for us as we embark on the upcoming Presidential election in a year where the failings of a corporate-sponsored political duopoly are clearer than ever.

This is a serious book :) And yet, I promise, its an incredibly fun, surprisingly beautiful read. Its a thriller wrapped in a prayer, a manifesto disguised as a joke. A reminder that we are in control, but only if we choose to be.

And yet, I know with certainty, that whatever it is this book wants to be will have nothing to do with me.

I was gifted this story for you, and what the book becomes depends on your response.


So, my friends . . . may we listen and may we learn. May we be reminded of our shared humanity. May we persue the divine spark living within us all. My we seek self, choose to align with self, and live from a place of humble surrender.



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